Arlene’s World Famous Live Karaoke


For five years, I played guitar with Arlene’s World Famous Live Rock Karaoke Band, and their show was a total crowd-pleaser, every time. Once people got past the idea of karaoke being played by a live band instead of some dopey machine, they would dive full-on and rock like their lives depended on it.

AWF’s web site is one of my last ‘hard-coded’ sites, where I wrote the code for the entire site myself. The site features plenty of multimedia, including videos of the band backing such luminaries as Sebastian Bach and Jim Carrey (a show I was lucky enough to have played) and photos of crowds getting their rock on. The background images on the site are photo’s of the band’s extensive rock memorabilia collection, and they set the tone for the whole site. It’s all about the rock.

After being named the #1 Thing to Do in New York City by CNN, the crowds come from all over the world to sing with the band. And if you haven’t been to Arlene’s Grocery on NYC’s Lower East Side, you should remedy that.

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