Delivery & Cancellations

Standard Delivery Area

Please refer to map for our standard delivery area.

Are you outside this area? No problem. Simply Contact Us to inquire about the delivery charge to your location.


While your order is in PENDING STATUS, cancellations and changes to your order may be made via the My Account link.

  • Simply sign in to your account and select the “View the orders I have made” link in the My Orders section of your account.
  • You may select any order that is still in PENDING STATUS
  • To Change your order, simply select the button and your pending order will be returned to your active shopping cart and removed from our cue. Select the Cart Contents link to modify what’s in your cart or continue shopping to add more items to your order. When your order is complete, repeat the CHECKOUT process to re-enter your order into our cue with PENDING STATUS.
  • To Cancel your order, simply select the CANCEL button. Confirmation of your cancellation will be sent to both our order fulfillment staff and your account email address.

After your order has been passed from pending to PROCESSING STATUS, you will no longer be able to modify or cancel your order via the My Account area of our website. To cancel and order that has reached the PROCESSING STATUS, you must by email or by phone.

Email: Please use our Contact Us link, or reply to your original order confirmation email.
Phone: 610-363-3640

NOTE: You may not CANCEL an order that has reached the COMPLETED – AWAITING DELIVERY status of our order fulfillment process. Please call immediately if you need to discuss emergency changes to orders in the status.