About DWI:NY

Don Waller Interactives (along with its rock alter ego, DWI:NY) came into existence in 1998, when the internet company Don was working for unexpectedly closed down. In the months immediately following the shutdown, Don worked on setting up his accounts (many of whom are still clients) with hosting and support in order to get their sites back online.

Don was hesitant to go to work for another internet company, seeing the increasingly corporate attitude taking over his line of work. So after thinking about it (and with encouragement from his wife), Don hung out his shingle and went freelance with a focus on sites for bands and music-related companies. In 2000, he took on a design job for Jay Jay French of New York metal legends Twisted Sister. Using the wealth of archived material in Jay Jay’s personal collection, the Twisted Sister web site was built up from one page with one picture to a huge source of band history and an online community for TS fans.

In the years since, DWI’s music-related portfolio has grown considerably – along with Twisted and other national acts, he’s built sites for local bands, recording and rehearsal studios, music stores, management and production companies and music related charities. Music acts from all over the country have come knocking, and Don has delivered sites with all the features a modern band needs, from interactive events calendars to online music sales and full-blown online communities.

In addition to the work for the music industry, Don has also done his fair share of work for more conventional businesses as well. From construction and home improvement to home and business security and everything in between, businesses from all over the country look to Don Waller Interactives to establish and grow their web presence.

So, that’s the basic story. Now…what can we build for you? Get in contact and let’s talk about it.