Rhythm Workshops

NEW Empowering Workshop: “Align to the Rhythm of your Life”


A collaboration of lectures, group discussion, drumming and rhythm, life coaching and group counseling.

For couples, men, women, and children

Presented by Reverend Deb Viola LCSW and Sara Shonfeld – Music specialist at Musical Minds

Workshop philosophy and goals:


• Assist you to align to your own inner power and to the rhythm ofyour life.
• You will find your own inner rhythm.
• You will work on defining your goals and dreams.
• You will discover your own natural state; your well-being, health, love, prosperity, success, and your life purpose.
• Tools and exercises: that will help you move forward; remove obstacles and achievingyour goals


What is your talent? What are your hopes and dreams?
What do you want out of life? Do you have a dream that you have been trying to achieve? What do we need to do to align ourselves from the inside out to attract those dreams?
How do we connect and focus to achieve our natural state of being?
Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

If you have, you are not alone. So many of us have asked? Is this all there is?
The answer is NO. This program will help you identify and understand what you want in your life, remove obstacles that have stopped you in the past and to learn the techniques that will create positive patterns, and lift your vibration to match your dreams and your potential

There is something so deeply magical when aligned and in the presence of people coming together to support each other on their journey into expansion, alignment, abundance and success.

You may be feeling overwhelmed but ready to step into a higher vibration in your life, business, career and relationships, so that you can stand strong in who you are and living your life in alignment to your soul and desires and reaping the success you truly deserve.

In this workshop, we will learn how to:

  • Set Soulful Heart Centered Goals
  • Connect to the desires of your Soul
  • Exercise communication and develop communication skills
  • Connect to and Heal the Inner wounds that may be holding you back, the excess baggage you may be carrying around and release what no longer serves you.
  • Align to your truth, empower your intuition to gain clarity and honor the depths of your soul
  • Raise your Vibration to Connect deeply with your powerful and conscious Intentions.

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