Marriage and Pre-Marriage Counseling

Secrets of a Successful Marriage

Learn to create a healthy, happy and successful marriage!
A successful marriage and a life time of happiness…can be just a few simple tools away.

Individual private pre-marriage, marriage and couples counseling.

Whether you are engaged, newlyweds or even a seasoned married couple, this program can help you cultivate and nurture your relationship. I will provide you with the tools and awareness to allow each of you to grow as individuals and to grow together as a solid team.

Program Topics:

• Communication and creating healthy boundaries
• Keeping the spark of new love and romance alive
• Identify old patterns that no longer work and create positive and healthy new habits.
• Increase intimacy, closeness and connection.
• Simple ways that you can stay connection and maintain closeness and intimacy.
• Create a contract for your marriage that works for a lifetime.
• Maintain a healthy and supportive relationship with within the expanding family.
• Developing mutual interests together and accepting, respecting and encouraging each other’s personal time.
• Managing stress during the wedding planning process.

A successful marriage is a thrilling and joyful ride, together experiencing all of life.
The Secret to a successful marriage can teach you how to flow through life together with joy, love, fun and peace.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

For those couples who are in need of some help finding their way or reconnecting, marriage counseling can helpyou identify and resolve conflicts, increase closeness and intimacy, improve communication and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Couples and marriage counseling will provide you with a compassionate, safe and professional environment where you and your partner can share your feelings honestly and allow yourselves to be vulnerable. I use a unique range of techniques such as communication based therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapy and solution centered therapies, among others.

Some couples also seek marriage counseling to strengthen their bonds, to understand of each other better, reconnect and increase and deepen intimacy and their connection. In other cases, couples seek counseling to improve a troubled relationship. You can use marriage counseling to address my specific issues, including:

• communication problems
• sexual difficulties
• conflicts about child rearing or blended families
• substance abuse
• financial issues
• anger
• infidelity
• separation and divorce
• and more.

***Most insurance accepted.


Hey everyone congrats on getting engaged, being a bride, a newlywed or being in marital bliss…… We needed someone to help us work out the kinks…that person is Rev. Debra Viola of Ceremonies from the Heart. Not only is Rev. Deb a wonderful amazing officiant on your biggest, most important best day ever, she can also assist in guiding you to your new life together or reworking your old life……. she married my hubby and I, 10 yrs. ago and thanks to her marriage counseling we have come a long way in communicating and understanding each other. Rev. Deb provides a safe comfortable environment. When hubby and I embarked in the marriage counseling we were married 3yrs. We have all benefited greatly from Rev. Debs marriage counseling program and each other.

Good Luck!
Karen – Oct. bride