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“Rev. Debra did an amazing job!”

We were so honored to have Reverend Debra Viola officiate our wedding at the Crescent Beach Club on 10/10/15.
We met her about 8 months earlier and we knew right away she was perfect!
She is warm, friendly, intelligent, and gave us great ideas for our ceremony.
The day of our wedding our guests couldn’t stop talking about the ceremony and neither could we!
Rev. Debra did an amazing job! Look no further for your wedding!

5.0 stars

“Rev Deb Viola is the one for you!”

My wife and I had Reverend Deb officiate our wedding on 10/9/2015. We met with Rev Deb after attending a previous wedding the year before where she was the officiant. Even before meeting her we knew she was the one we wanted officiating our ceremony. Her attention to detail and personal touches really made the ceremony ours. She was PERFECT! She fine-tuned our ceremony exactly to the way we wanted. Not even missing a beat while mentioning the things my wife and I love about each other, and even including some beautiful words about my father who is no longer with us. After the ceremony, while speaking to my family and friends, the first thing that everyone said to us was how much they LOVED the ceremony. It was everyone’s favorite part of our special day. If you’re looking for an officiant, look no further, Rev Deb Viola is the one for you! Deb even mailed our marriage license for us, and gave us a binder with our ceremony printed out so we can look back on the beautiful words she said about us. Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, Deb, for such a beautiful, amazing, and memorable ceremony that we can look back on for years and years to come!

5.0 stars

“From our initial visit to our ceremonial end, Rev Deb was excellent.”

Rev Deb was raved about by our ceremony guests as “one of the best ceremonies” they have ever attended. From our initial visit to our ceremonial end, Rev Deb was excellent. She assisted us in finding our perfect wedding venue, our photographer, and provided all the necessary information to assist us in planning for our event. She was accommodating, pleasant, and made me feel “at ease” during the ceremony (and I was nervous..). The actual ceremony was a dream come true. And the best part….we were given a binder of our ceremony as a gift so we can always preserve the memory. Thank you Rev Deb and please consider ceremonies of the heart for your special day!

5.0 stars

“Rev. Deb MADE our wedding!”

Rev. Deb MADE our wedding! The ceremony she created for us was personal, spiritual, uplifting, and just utterly beautiful. We met with her only once before the big day, and we had people coming up to us after the ceremony asking how long we’d known her, shocked to hear the truth, thinking we’d known her forever. One of our groomsmen who was getting married a few weeks later was mad he didn’t know about Rev. Deb before that day, because he wished he could have booked her for his own wedding after being part of the ceremony.

The process from start to finish was pretty simple – we met with her once, discussed the types of elements we wanted to include in our ceremony, and from there went back and forth over email a few times regarding the ceremony she had drafted. She has some beautiful ideas and excerpts to include, and every single person has since said it was the most beautiful and original ceremony they’ve ever seen.

On the day-of, everything went perfectly, except I actually forgot to bring our marriage license to the venue! I panicked (obviously), but Rev. Deb kept me calm and started talking through all the different scenarios so we could have the license signed before we left the country for two weeks (since the paperwork needs to be sent in within a certain window after the ceremony takes place). She even offered to have us drop by her house on our way to the airport the next day and use her family members as witnesses if necessary! Luckily, a few of our guests were able to retrieve it from our hotel in time, but it was amazing to know she would have done anything to help us out and make sure we didn’t have to worry.

If you’re looking for a personalized, touching ceremony that really speaks to the couple getting married vs. a generic, templated ceremony, Rev. Deb is your gal! We can’t thank her enough for making our day so special and memorable!

5.0 stars

“Rev Deb was AMAZING!”

Rev Deb was AMAZINGGGGGG! Not only was she SO accommodating and easy to work with (we booked our wedding very quickly and officiant last and i was very skatter brained by the end there when poor Deb had to hust begin working with and getting to know us), she was so personable like an old friend and she created a ceremony that was personalised and felt special. All of our guests have raved since the moment i saw them at the reception how wonderful she was and are still saying that the ceremony was their favorite part of the whole wedding. People have told me it was “inspiring” “emotional” and “made me want to get married!” and the ceremony was absolutely our favorite part too! The ceremony really is the most important part of the wedding and Rev Deb will make it as special as it should be. The cost was comparable to other officiants i looked in to and now that it is all over if i knew it would be the way it was i would have paid her even more, to me she MADE the wedding.

5.0 stars

“She was always sweet, friendly, and kind.”

Rev Deb was fabulous since day I met with her at her office. She was always in constant contact , worked hard with us creating a beautiful ceremony, and performed a beautiful ceremony. She was always sweet, friendly, and kind. We had an issue with our rabbi and she had our back for everything ! She is the best!!!!!!! She also gave us a binder with our ceremony and vows which I thought was so sweet.

5.0 stars

“I highly recommend hiring Rev. Deb.”

Rev Deb was amazing! We loved how we were able to have a customized ceremony and she really seemed like she knew us even though we only met once before the wedding. She took out anything we didn’t like and added stuff in to fit our personalities. Every time we tried to contact her she was very professional and responded right away. I highly recommend hiring Rev. Deb.

5.0 stars

“Absolutely wonderful!”

Rev Deb is absolutely wonderful! So many people said to us after the ceremony how great it was. She really helped make it our own which was really important to us. We made lots of changes especially to our own vows right down to the last day and nothing was ever an issue. She was so easy to work with, it made the whole process really special. We HIGHLY recommend for your special day. THANK YOU CEREMONIES OF THE HEART!!!!

5.0 stars

“Rev. Deb was a pleasure to work with.”

Rev. Deb was a pleasure to work with. We got so many compliments on what a beautiful ceremony we had. Deb took an hour’s worth of information from our initial meeting and turned it into a ceremony that made both us and our guests laugh and cry. She seamlessly incorporated my crazy readings (from The X-Files and Sons of Anarchy!!) with more traditional aspects to create a completely memorable and unique ceremony. She was highly responsive to our emails, and accommodating when we ended up having to change our wedding date. She made sure to have extra copies of the vows we wrote ourselves in case of an emergency. Rev. Deb also just genuinely enjoys her work, and it radiates off of her, making everyone around her feel comfortable and happy. She arrived even earlier than she said she would to the venue, which immediately put me at ease! Thank you so much for all of your help and for creating a ceremony we will remember for the rest of our lives.

5.0 stars